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Bottesford Primary School

Bottesford Primary School


Mobile Phones

We are seeing more and more children with their own mobile phone.  These can be very useful, but our experience in school is that children can make mistakes and use them inappropriately.  We encourage all parents to carefully supervise their child's phone use and to talk to them about how to use their phone in a healthy, positive and kind way.

There are lots of resources available to help parents to support their children in using online technology safely and appropriately.  We have added several useful documents to this page.  


Safe Online Behaviour at Home

Simon Genders at Leicestershire County Council's Safeguarding Development Team has produced this video presentation to help parents with online safety at home. 

Please note that this takes you to YouTube to view the video. 


Online Safety at Home from LCC


"A place to help you boss your life online" (BBC)

A great resource with a wide range of information and activities around online usage, technology and news for young people. Take a digital detox, learn about online safety and more.......


internet matters


internet matters is a collaborative resource that works with Industry, the Government and Schools to produce top tips and gudiance on Internet safety. The internet matters website contains a host of easy to navigate advice relating to specific age ranges and specific online issues to allow parents to keep their children safe.


Net Aware apps, games and social media guides 

Net Aware is an apps, games and social media review tool in which you can search for information about specific apps, games or social medias age ratings and top tips on how to stay safe.  It also provides ideas for talking to children about internet safety and keeping up to date on current trends and changes. 

Please follow the link to use the tool:


Be SMART Online from ChildNet

Childnet are a great source of information about internet safety and have a number of resources and activities to help children understand how to be safe online. 

If you would like to find out more about Childnet and other internet safety resources, please follow the link here.

Parents & carers | Childnet


Other Useful Websites