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Bottesford Primary School

Bottesford Primary School

Character Education

As our RESPECT Values form our foundations for our core values, we extend our teachings further through the development of Character Education.

Character Education is recognising, understanding and developing character traits that make us unique and then using these ‘Character Muscles’ to allow us to further be the best version of ourselves.

At the heart of character education is the ability to create a culture in and out of school where children are given every opportunity to rehearse and strengthen their sense of themselves alongside the core RESPECT Values.

We aim to achieve this through the development of ‘Character Muscles’

'We need to exercise our Character Muscles to make them stronger.'

These are character traits that we have identified as significant qualities that we want our children to harness and develop as they journey through our school community and in to the wider world.

As a school, we provide extensive opportunities for all our children to actively take part in different sporting challenges and competitions across the year. As part of the School Games programme, there are six values that are promoted throughout.

However, we believe that these values (‘Character Muscles’ shown in purple below) are character traits that can be developed, harnessed and shown in all areas of school life as well as in sporting challenges. We therefore promote these as part of our Character Education within school.

Chatracter muscles.png